Will We Have a USAID Administrator by Year’s End? Take the Poll Today!

MFAN Principal and senior policy analyst at the Center for Global Development (CGD) Sheila Herrling launched a poll today on the Rethinking U.S. Foreign Assistance blog asking individuals whether they think we will have a much-needed U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator by the end of the year given the Senate confirmation process.  Herrling lays out a detailed and compelling timeline of all that needs to fall into place, including the vetting process, in order for the confirmation to occur by December 14th, the last possible week for a confirmation hearing.

Building on MFAN’s earlier poll asking the public to vote for their choice to lead USAID, Herrling also moves the conversation forward with new questions:

  • Will the Administration have a candidate nominated and ready to send to the Hill by November 10th?
  • Should the Administration aim to fill the USAID Administrator vacancy as quickly as possible, limiting itself to an already-vetted candidate?

Do you think we can get a USAID Administrator before the end of the year? Take the poll and include a message explaining your vote.

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