New Oxfam Report Calls Country Ownership the Key to Smart Development

OxfamOxfam ownership report

Aid, used in smart ways, can save lives and help people get themselves out of poverty. The best hope for poor people lies in their own capacity to demand accountability and performance from their governments and invest in their own efforts to escape poverty.  That is why Oxfam – an MFAN partner organization – is calling for specific reforms that make U.S. foreign aid support the efforts of governments and people to lead their own development. In particular, reforms should:

  • Let countries know what donors are doing through transparency and predictability – INFORMATION;
  • Help countries lead by supporting local efforts in meeting citizens’ needs – CAPACITY; and
  • Let countries lead by limiting earmarks and Presidential initiatives that are inconsistent with country priorities – CONTROL.

During her first trip to Africa as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton said, “We will focus on country-driven solutions that give responsible governments more information, capacity, and control as they tailor strategies to meet their needs.” Learn more about how the U.S. can strengthen ownership by reading Oxfam’s report, Ownership in Practice: The Key to Smart Development

Oxfam is a partner of MFAN.

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