We Need a USAID Administrator Now! Who Should it Be?

Based on input from experts across the development community, MFAN has created a poll with a simple question: Who should be the next USAID Administrator?  Please take a moment to vote on your choice for who should be the leading voice on elevating and modernizing U.S. efforts to alleviate poverty and hunger, fight disease, and create economic opportunity for struggling people in the developing world.  If you want, you can download this badge and place it on your website, profile, etc to spread the word!

A few things to think about as you vote:

  • Who has the best understanding of development and poverty, particularly from an on-the-ground perspective?
  • Who has the profile and gravitas to help increase political support for development issues in Congress, the White House, the State Department, and beyond?
  • Who has the managerial skills to rebuild an agency that desperately needs to be modernized after years of neglect?
  • Finally, who has the right mix of all these skills to be the leading voice in government for foreign assistance reform?

In the comments section below, we’d like to hear about who you voted for and why.  As President Obama said when he laid out his foreign policy vision during the campaign: “[we] will ensure that [USAID] has the highest caliber leadership and plays a central role in the formulation and implementation of critical development and related foreign policy strategies.”

We have to work together to keep these important issues in the public eye and make sure action is taken now!  Our own security and prosperity, and the well being of millions of people around the world, will be affected by this choice.  We appreciate your vote!

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