Former Rep. Mark Green (R-WI) Calls for GOP Support for Foreign Assistance Reform


In an op-ed today in The Washington Times, former Republican Representative from Wisconsin and Ambassador to Tanzania Mark Green urges his conservative allies to put partisan politics aside and embrace the foreign assistance reform bills that have recently been introduced in both the House and the Senate.    Some excerpts from the piece below:

“At a time when our national-security and foreign-policy priorities have become increasingly dependent on effective development, our political leaders must act swiftly and put partisan politics aside in order to enact reforms that will make our foreign-aid programs more efficient, more effective and therefore more capable of supporting and advancing our national interests around the globe.”

“The same leadership from conservatives that helped deliver millions of people in the developing world from poverty and disease over the last decade is needed to keep the foreign-aid reform effort focused on increasing accountability, eliminating waste and maximizing results.”

See also: One World Conservativsm:  A Conservative Agenda for International Development, a UK policy paper that offers a conservative argument for development programs by addressing topics of interest including the value of money in aid, wealth creation, and conflict, stabilization, and peacekeeping.

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