MFAN: New Presidential Study Directive an Unprecedented Step Forward on Development

MFAN strongly commends President Obama for signing a landmark Presidential Study Directive on Global Development Policy. The directive establishes clear White House leadership on modernizing our country’s approach to global development, adding to the tremendous momentum generated by actions taken by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the State Department.

Noteworthy News – 8.31.2009

This weekly posting includes key news stories and opinion pieces related to foreign assistance reform and the larger development community. What we’re reading this week: All USAID Administrator, all the time. It’s Time for Foreign Aid Reform (Huffington Post – David Beckmann, August 28) – With leadership from President Obama and coordination between these various … Continue reading Noteworthy News – 8.31.2009

MFAN Principals Offenheiser and Atwood Featured on NPR

Two MFAN Principals, Oxfam American President Ray Offenheiser and former USAID Administrator Brian Atwood, were featured on NPR’s All Things Considered in a story entitled “Experts Concerned by Leaderless USAID.” The piece, by diplomatic reporter Michele Kelemen, touched on the need for a

MFAN Blog Series: Partners Weigh in on Reform in the Global Health Initiative and Feed the Future

With help from our distinguished partners, MFAN has launched two separate blog series on foreign assistance reform in the context of the Obama Administration’s marquee development initiatives—the Global Health Initiative and Feed the Future. The posts in the two series explore the structure and reform principles built into these programs, including ownership, sound monitoring and evaluation, and leveraging partnerships with the private sector to produce sustainable, long-term development results.

CRS Report on Foreign Assistance Reform

CRS Report on Foreign Assistance Reform
The Congressional Research Service released a recent report on foreign assistance reform analyzing recommendations from 14 organizations, including MFAN network members the Brookings Institution (BRK), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Center for Global Development (CGD), the Center for U.S. Global Engagement (CGE), InterAction, and Oxfam America.

Former Rep. Mark Green (R-WI) Calls for GOP Support for Foreign Assistance Reform

Mark Green Calls for Republican Support for Foreign Assistance Reform in The Washington Times
In an op-ed today in The Washington Times, former Republican representative from Wisconsin and Ambassador to Tanzania Mark Green urges his conservative allies to put partisan politics aside and embrace the foreign aid reform that has been recently introduced in both the House and the Senate.

MFAN PRINCIPAL: Momentum Will Feed Hill’s Shot at Fundamental Reform

MFAN PRINCIPAL: Momentum Will Feed Hill’s Shot at Fundamental Reform
The administration continues to signal interest in reforming U.S. global development policies and operations, as evinced by President Obama’s statements last month about the need to make our development policy more coherent and our aid more effective, as well as Secretary of State Clinton’s constant drumbeat about strengthening development capabilities. Aside from growing concerns about why an administration so committed to development has not nominated its development leaders, Americans and our friends around the world should be asking: Will reforms reach the level of fundamental change that is needed?

Foreign Aid Reform a Top Priority, Says Foreign Policy

A new piece by Joshua Keating and Michael Wilkerson at Foreign Policy rated foreign assistance reform as one of the top five priorities for the Obama Administration and Congress. A quote by MFAN’s Co-Chair David Beckmann appears in the article.